We, at Alcomotive India, are  into manufacturing of Aluminum Heat Sinks, Copper Bus Bars, Sheetmetal products and Physiocare Products . The company was developed with certain purposes, principles and values and within a span of time; the company has achieved its targets. As a service provider, serving a wide range of Reputed Brands
Backed by a team of committed professionals, Our  own  R & D is furnished with latest Design softwares.  More than 15 years of industrial experience is here to serve you better.              

Product Specialization

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of Aluminum heat sinks of various sizes and designs. Ably supported by a dedicated and experienced staff and well equipped with the latest machinery, we also possess the ability to customize and manufacture different kinds of heat sinks according to our client’s specifications.

We wish to serve you in regard of superior quality , competitive price and time bound delivery. We assure you for a better service specially customized for your requirements

For any query or your future requirements, We are here to hear from you on 24X7 basis